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Team Registration

Full Team Registration (Captain Paying Whole Fee):

  1. Click on the REGISTER button of the league of your choice on our league.
  2. Select TEAM CAPTAIN.
  3. If you are new to MSSC, create a new account. If you've been here before, sign in!
  4. Provide a Team Name and indicate how many players your team will have including yourself (must meet the minimum roster requirements). 
  5. Complete the Player Information, Read through the waiver, then accept it by checking the box in the upper left hand corner. You will only be able to register if you accept the waiver! 
  6. Enter your billing info and payment method on the Payment screen. Your payment must be submitted within 48 hours to hold your registration details in the system. Payment is required to secure your spot in the league.
  7. Each player on your team is required to sign up online as a Team Player and sign the league waiver. The captain can send invites to players by selecting "Invite Players" from the dropdown menu in the send invites section. A link will be emailed to each teammate requiring them to sign up prior to the registration deadline. 
  8. Once your players have been invited, you can keep track of who's registration is still pending from your team page by logging into your MSSC account and clicking  on your team's name. You can view roster. send new invites and to remind players already invited to submit their Team Player Forms. These options are available in the right-hand menu of your Team Profile page.

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