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Manayunk Sport And Social Club : About Us

Get Active. Meet People. Have Fun.

Welcome to Philadelphia's own Manayunk Sport and Social Clubs home on the web, where there is something for everyone! You have stumbled upon the best place to stay active all year in both athletics and the Philadelphia-Manayunk social scene. Based on the principle that life is not all about work, you have to make time for play; we have been Philadelphia's leading organizer of coed adult sports leagues for over a decade! Manayunk Sport and Social Club offer over 15 different leagues to play in all four seasons. Our leagues run on the calendar of winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Already a member of Manayunk Sport and Social Club? Visit us every day! Follow your schedules, scores, and standings under your designated sports page, look for photos of yourself and your team throughout the site, register for next season, check your banquets, read up on the league in the policies and FAQ pages, visit us on Facebook, ask us questions and more... directly from the navigation bar at the top of our homepage!

New to Manayunk Sport and Social Club? I bet we can fit your needs: This is the ideal stop in Philadelphia for young professionals and college students based in or around the Philly-Manayunk area looking to get involved and meet new people. It is a great place for singles to meet up in a fun and low-pressure environment. We are the perfect opportunity for coworkers to mingle outside of the office and create a positive team mentality. It is a popular idea for couples to band together for a recreational date night each week!

Have we convinced you yet? Browse the site and feel free to contact us to learn more about the organization. Whether you are new to Philadelphia or born-and-raised, Manayunk Sport and Social Club will show you a new way to have fun and be entertained in Philadelphia throughout the cold winter to the summers at the Shore! We are always registering for the best-coed adult sports leagues in Philadelphia, check out the upcoming leagues' tab today. All sports are on a first come first serve basis.

Manayunk Sport and Social welcomes all ages and skill levels. We offer three levels of competition throughout our sports; appealing to the truly competitive athletes, as well as, those just looking to have some fun and stay active. We love our competitive players, but Manayunk Sport and Social is all about the recreational league experience. . There are many coed sport leagues in Philadelphia but we are the sport and social club that emphasizes fun first. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Manayunk Sport and Social Club is that we actively promote individuals to register for our leagues.  We understand not everyone has an abundance of available friends to start a team, so we will create entirely new teams from scratch, getting you on the field or on the court with a new group of friends each season.  All you have to do is register, show up at the games and we will take care of the rest!

We love our sports, but your membership does not end there! In such a big city, you could get lost in the Philadelphia social scene. Well, let Manayunk Sport and Social help you out! Our sponsor bar, The Bayou Bar & Grill on Main Street in Manayunk, Philadelphia, offers great party deals, hosts FREE league banquets for teams and gives each of our players a free drink after every game day you are in! No worries if you are not interested in the sports bar atmosphere, The Bayou's neighbor, Cactus Cantina has extended the offer. Our members can opt for the more sophisticated, laid-back, tex-mex style cantina right next door on Main Street, Manayunk.

So now your social calendar is full and your activity level is high, why not get involved in your community? Manayunk Sport and Social can help you stay active in your Philadelphia neighborhood too! As a local non-profit, we pride ourselves in maintaining, volunteering, and donating to local recreation centers, community centers and charities in Philadelphia. We are an organization born in Philadelphia, created by natives of Philadelphia and proud of our great city; we try to help with manpower, supplies, and sponsorships and by staying involved as a presence at events and fundraisers all throughout the year. We welcome members, perspective members, and staff to volunteer at any time! It is a great way to network, meet new friends, and learn about our league!

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