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Manayunk Sport and Social Club: Softball Rules

Must be at least 2 females on the field at all times

Softball Rules Official ASA rules will be used along with the following.

Metal cleats are prohibited.


  1. The captain shall assume the responsibility for the conduct of their players and fans.
  2. There is a 15-minute grace period, after which games must be started. If your team is not present after the 15-minutes this results in a forfeit and the missing team owes $40 due before they can play their next game.
  3. Home team will be decided by coin flip during the regular season. In playoffs and championship the highest seed will be home team.
  4. Team Captains are responsible for informing their own team of any changes.
  5. In case of rain, the team captain will be contacted by email or phone beforehand, if possible. If not, only the Umpire can call off the game.
  6. All game protests must be made before the next pitch. All details of where the game was at the time of the protest need to be recorded.
  7. No alcohol is permitted on any field.
  8. Profanity and Fighting will not be tolerated.
  9. If someone's name is not on the roster or their money is not in, they cannot play. If you are using the open roster policy and bringing a sub, write their name on the check-in and send updates to as soon as possible.

Game Time

  1. There are 10 players on the field, with an extra player in the outfield. The extra player cannot be used as an extra infielder.
  2. Must play 2 female on the field at all times and they must bat within the first 10 batters. If you only have 1 female you have to play with 9 players on the field & one out will be assessed within the first 10 batters of the lineup.
  3. Minimum of 7 players in order to start game, one must be female.
  4. There is a 15 run rule after the 5th inning, except during championship.
  5. Games will be 7 innings - 1 point for a win, .5 for a tie.
  6. Extra innings can only be played if it does not interfere with the start of the next game
  7. New inning cannot start 1:45 minutes after start of new game if there is another game after yours.
  8. Anyone in the lineup can go in and out of the field any time during the game. Once the batting order goes around once, new players come in, the player(s) he is replacing comes out for the whole game.


  1. There will be a continuous batting order up to 13 people.
  2. If a batter has 2 strikes and fouls the ball, he is out. Girls get one extra foul.
  3. No bunting.
  4. All males start each at bat with a 1 ball / 1 strike count.
  5. If a male walks and a female is up to bat immediately after, the team can chose to have the female take a base or hit.
  6. If a male walks and loads the bases with a female following him, the female must bat. There are no force runs.
  7. If a batter enters the cage with an illegal bat the entire inning is forfeited. Any runs scored will not count.


  1. A no-arc ball will be considered a "no pitch" & called a ball unless hit by the batter, swung at, missed or fouled off, in which a strike is called.
  2. Pitches will be slow pitch, 6-12ft arc.
  3. Slide or Surrender, a defensive point of view: When a runner is approaching your base/plate, you must not block the runner's base line. A defensive player must know when to get out of the way to avoid harmful collision. If an umpire deems the defensive player neglected to clear the base path with intent or malice, the runner will be called safe.
  4. No more than one extra player should be covering home. (this player is in addition to the catcher; often the pitcher or first base player) If more than one player enters the plate/cage area, play will be called; all runners will proceed to the base they were running toward.
  5. When a female batter is up: Infield must play parallel to the bases. Outfield must be 10yrds from the top infield line.


  1. If base runner leaves the base before the ball is hit, they will be called out. This includes a swing and miss.
  2. When a defensive player has the ball or is about to receive the ball, the runner must make every attempt to avoid contact with the defensive player covering or be declared out. Errant throws drawing defensive player into the path of the runner is not interference.
  3. Slide or Surrender: When approaching a bag or home plate, you may try to avoid the tag, however if you make contact with the defender the runner will be called out (If the collision was with intent the runner may be ejected from the game at the officials discretion.)
  4. Courtesy Runners are allowed. The umpire will let the opposing manager know who will use a courtesy runner. The runner is the player who made the last out in the inning prior. Guy for guy, girl for girl.

MSSC reserves the right to revise the rules for this sport at any time to provide a smoother social sport experience.

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