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5 vs. 5 Indoor Soccer Rules

·        Two 20 Minute halves, 5 minute halftime

·        Subs made on any dead ball

·        Each team must have at least 3 players to start a game, 1 being female

·        Minimum of two females playing per team at all times on the court.

·        No off-sides

·        No slide tackling/playing the ball while lying on the court, players can be warned/ejected at officials determination

·        No throwing; instead it will be a direct kick where the ball went out (There will still be corner and goal kicks)

·        Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field

·        Player walls must be at least 5 yards away

·        All free kicks are indirect (Must touch another player on the kicking team before scoring)

·        Goalies cannot throw the ball off the opposite wall.

·        If a playoff game ends in a tie there will be an additional 10 minute period of sudden death. If the game is still tied after 10 minutes there will be a best of 3 shoot-out until there is a winner (The away team kicks first)

·        You may play the ball off designated walls. (Depend upon the gym)

Crease Rules:

·        Crease is where no player can play the ball, 5 yards out from the end line and 3 yards out from each goal post along the end line (Subject to change)

·        If an offensive player plays the ball, it is a goal kick

·        If a defensive player plays the ball, a spot/penalty kick is awarded 8 yards out

·        No scoring, dribbling, or defensive standing in crease

·        Passing through the crease is allowed

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