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League Rules: Co-ed Football Rules

Co-Ed Football Rules (8 v 8)


  • Maximum of 8 players on field
  • Maximum of 5 males; minimum of 3 females.
  • Game will start with 6 players (at least 2 have to be female) 

A team has 15 minutes at the start of the game to field the minimum number of players before having to forfeit the game. Forfeit fees are $30 no matter how much notice is given after the first week.

The Field

  • 60 yards with two 10-yard end zones
  • Potential for three first-downs @ 15, 30, 15

Scoring and Time Play

  • Each touchdown is worth 6 points
  • 3 yard line = 1 point conversion
  • 10 yard line = 2 point conversion
  • Safeties are worth 2 points and defense will receive ball at opposite 5 yard line
  • Only turnovers on 2 point conversions can be returned for a touchdown.
  • The returned touchdown will be worth 2 points
  • Games will be 40 minutes (two 20 minute halves)
  • Clock will run continuously in the first half

o   Only when attempting an extra point conversion, or change of possession, inside the two-minute warning, will the clock stop during the 1 st half.

  • Clock will run continuously through the 2 nd half until the 2-minute warning

o   Clock will than stop for incomplete passes

o   Player with the ball steps out of bounds

o   Turnovers and sacks by the team that is TRAILING

o   When the winning team is on offense and stopped behind the line of scrimmage

o   Any type of scoring

o   Time-outs

o   Injuries or administrative purposes

  • A 17-point mercy rule (*three scores) will keep the clock running even in the 2 nd half

o   One cannot take a knee unless the mercy rule is in effect, otherwise it will be considered a sack and clock with automatically stop


  • Each team has 2 time-outs per game; lasting 1 minute. Only called by Captain or QB if on offense.

Basic Rules (Offense)

  • First downs are made every 15 yards; ie- 15, 30 or 15 yard line.
  • A team has 4 chances (downs) to make a 1 st down
  • No active blocking (player has a right to the ground they are standing but can not deviate to impede a  defender making a play on the ball carrier- i.e. basketball screen)
  • The offensive team has the option of punting on the 4 th down (no blocking or fakes)

o   (see Punt for more details)

  • A Lady Play will occur if a female is not used on two consecutive plays

o   (see Lady Play for details)

  • Ball must be snapped from the ground to the QB
  • NCAA ruling on completed passes

o   A player only needs 1 foot inbounds for a completed pass

o   One foot has to land inbounds before stepping out of bounds for catch to be considered a completed pass. A simultaneous catch where one foot is inbounds and the other out will result in an incomplete pass.

  • Flea-flicker

o   Ball becomes live if dropped and/or not caught when behind the line of scrimmage.


Basic Rules (Defense)

  • Turnovers can occur by interception, fumble (punt, botched snap or failed lateral)
  • Rushing the passer
    • Only 1 defensive player can rush the QB at a time or cross the line of scrimmage
    • The rusher must wait for the Ref to count 5 Mississippi or 5 Budweiser before crossing the line of scrimmage towards the QB.
    • The defense can blitz only once per series.
    • Blitzer must yell blitz before crossing the line of scrimmage towards the QB once the ball is in the QB's hands (penalty will be called for early blitz/rush)
    • The ref will yell free blitz if there is a runner/receiver lined up behind the QB at which time the rusher will not need to wait the 5 seconds or waste a blitz

Basic Rules (Overtime)

  • If teams are tied at the end of regulation, than the teams will play a series of 4 downs from the 15 yard line until 1 team scores. These rules only apply in the playoffs. Regular season games will end in a tie if tied.

Lady Play (Offense)

  • Will be called if a lady is not used on consecutive plays
  • Only 3 females are allowed to be intended receivers
    • If a team has an extra female player, on the field, said player has to identify herself as a male player and becomes inactive for the play.
  • Offense must make positive yardage (pass the LOS- can not take a sack with a lady QB) or attempt a forward pass to a lady receiver for the play to count.
  • If team decided to make a Female player the QB for the Lady Play, play then becomes open to any receiver (male or female)

Lady Play (Defense)

  • Will be called if a lady is not used on consecutive plays
  • Females can only defend opposing females
  • Males must defend males (with-in 8 yards) and follow QB/Center if they move
  • Male defensive players can go after the ball once released in the air.
  • In case of female QB, play becomes open to both female/male defensive players
  • Defensive team must have a female rush female QB. 
    • Offense must give defense opportunity to adjust (i.e. no sneaking a lady QB at last second)           


  • The offensive team has the option of punting on the 4 th down
  • No blocking or fakes. Punting team does not need to snap the football.
  • Must kick ball (no throwing)
  • Receiving team has the option of calling a fair catch
  • If receiving team fumbles (ie: drops the ball or the ball touches any part of their body) the ball than becomes fair game for punting team
  • If the punting team touches the ball (after the initial punt) before the receiving team, the play become dead and the offense will start at the spot of dead ball.
  • Touchbacks occur only if ball touches any part of the end zone or is punted through


5 yard penalties are as followed:

        • Holding (5yrds from LOS)
        • Delay of game (5yrds from LOS)
        • Not following the Lady Play rule (5yrds from LOS and loss of down)
        • Illegal participation (5yrds from LOS)
        • Illegal forward pass (5yrds from LOS and loss of down)
        • Intentional grounding (5yrds from LOS and loss of down) 10-second run off, last 2 min
        • Offensive offside (5yrds from LOS) 10-second run off, last 2 min
        • Defensive offside (5yrds from LOS)

10 yard penalties are as followed:

  • o   Offensive Blocking (10yrds from LOS)
  • o   Offensive picking/ offensive pass interference (10yrds from LOS)
  • o   Defensive pass interference (10yrds from LOS and automatic first down)

15 yard penalties are as followed:

    • Unsportsmanlike Conduct (15yrds from LOS, ejection, and/or suspension)
  • Automatic first down penalties will always result in the play being first and open and reset the lady play count to zero

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