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So you have found Manayunk Sport and Social and you are ready to get involved! Almost everything you need to know can be found on this website.

Below we will give you the push to find it:

Learn about the leagues we are currently available by visit the Upcoming Leagues tab.

Find details and procedures on signing up to play under the Registration tab.

Check out what’s happening in each sport by browsing the Sports League menu.

See the sports rules under each designated sport, also found by browsing the Sports league menu.

Check out your sports meeting dates under the Banquets/Events tab – these meetings are a great opportunity to meet others in the league and ask any questions you may have.

Visit our shopping cart to register!

Still filled with questions/concerns? A representative is waiting to help. Use the Contact Us page to reach one of our staff members during business hours.

Looking forward to your participation in the leagues! Let us know what we can do to make your experience the best it can be!



If you are looking for a way to build teamwork and camaraderie within your staff while keeping them happy and healthy, then you have found the right place! Manayunk Sport and Social Club offers adult co-ed, recreational sports leagues, tournaments and social events for people ages 21+. Getting out of the office and balancing work and play is rewarding for both employees and employers alike.

Benefits to Corporate Teams:

Engaging in sports helps reduce stress and increase physical and mental health

Healthier employees = lower health insurance costs

Opportunity to network and meet new people

Exposure to new sports

Improved interoffice relationships with colleagues

Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

All you have to do is sign up and MSSC will take care of the rest!  We will help make this experience as fun and as easy as possible for you and your group. In addition, we also provide complete start-to-finish administration of our leagues including:

A user-friendly online registration process

A welcome letter and roster sent directly to your appointed team captain prior to the league start.

An open roster for just one affordable team fee per season. By purchasing a team, you may have as many players on the team as your company desires – even if they don’t play, they can come to social events and enjoy the benefits of membership!

Access to a live customer service representative for inquiries

Single point of contact for sport registration/communication/scheduling

Direct access through our website to team schedules/standings

Free league banquet at one of our Sponsor Businesses

Players are invited post-game to continue the field/court fun over drinks and food at our sponsor businesses!



Hesitating on registration because you want a sponsor? Be your own sponsor! The Manayunk Sport and Social Club have teamed up with the Bayou to hold “Team Fundraisers” to raise your registration fee!

Simple, fun, and cost effective! Book a fundraising party at the Bayou and invite all of your teammates and friends. The Bayou offers 2 different options for these parties – a 2-hr drink specials event with food for a donation (party planners choose how much) at the door or a party package which includes an open bar and food.

Contact for details or if you’re interested in booking a party!


It's fun and makes you feel like you're doing more than lounging by the TV. Coed kickball leagues are growing all over and especially in Manayunk Sport and Social Club. Playing all 4 seasons, kickball continues to dominate our social customer's sport decision making and has them coming back for more each season! Kickball is sure to sell out. Stay tuned, because you will not want to miss this league!


On top of the games and activity provided, Manayunk Sport and Social is a great networking gig! We encourage you to come out to your pre-season sport's meetings and return to our sponsor bar after the games to give players the full package of what MSSC has to offer. In a league comprised of mostly young professionals, graduate students, and some near-graduating college students these social events are a perfect opportunity to get a leg up on any competition, or if you're lucky just a date for Saturday night!

We encourage you to go beyond the sport of Manayunk Sport and Social and explore the opportunities. Attend your meeting, return for the celebratory drink at the bar, and don't miss your banquets! Get all that you can from Manayunk Sport and Social! 


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