Wiffleball Rules

Wiffleball Rules


  • 1)      No base running. Imaginary runners on base advance as hitters do. Runners must be forced home. Ex. A man on third does not score on a single or double are hit. Only a triple of home run will score them.
  • 2)      Teams must have at least 3 players to start.
  • 3)       Teams field max 3 players on the field for defense and for offense 5 batters max.
  • 4)      All fielders must bat.
  • 5)      Fielders can position themselves in fair territory without obstructing the batter.

Game Play:

  • 1)      Each game is 7 innings
  • 2)      If the game is tied after 7 innings and time allows the 8th inning will begin with bases loaded.
  • 3)      Game is official after 4inning, if the game gets called due to weather or light.
  • 4)      Standard baseball rules shall apply to all situations not covered in these rules.

Balls And Strikes:

  • 1)      A walk is 5 balls. Runners on base advance on a walk.
  • 2)      2 strikes (ball hits the strike zone twice or 2 swings and misses) or 3 fouls is an out.
  • 3)      If the batter is hit by a pitch, it will be consider a ball but the batter must try to avoid contact. (No leaning)

Pitching Speed:

  • 1)      Pitching is speed at medium (45mph) or less
  • 2)      A warning will be giving to pitcher and if the pitcher does comply than there will be automatic pitching change. After the pitching change the original pitcher is no allowed to pitch once remove by the official.
  • 3)      Pitching mound (mark) is at the center of the field.

Foul Balls:

  • 1)      A ball hit on the ground but not hitting the single mark.
  • 2)      Ground ball out the fair/foul markers.
  • 3)      Fly ball landing outside the fair/foul markers and/or tip back behind strike zone.
  • 4)   Fair/Foul markers are the cones which mark the singles, doubles, triples, homeruns


  • 1)      Ball hit in air by single marker without being caught.
  • 2)      Ground ball not fielded cleanly in front of the singles line.
  • 3)      Fielder may take no more than 2 steps to field a ground ball in front of singles line.


  • 1)      Fair ball reaching double markers in air.


  • 1)      Fair ball that touches the fence in air or reaches triple markers.

Home Runs:

  • 1)      Fair ball going over the fence or hitting the top of the fence.

Defense Double Play:

  • 1)      Catching the ball in air and then immediately throwing the ball to hit the strike zone. (This only works with a runner on base)