1). Playing Area: As set by parameters of permitted court. Spring 2011: Houston Playround.

            Play includes goalie.

2). Team 5 per team, plus goalie. You may start with 4 players, but you must have at least 2 women on the court at all times.

3). Pre-Game Games will start at their scheduled times. Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to sign in with ref, pay ref fee, and here announcements.

4). Games/Ties Each game consists of two 20 min periods with 5 minutes rest between periods. If there time allows, tie games will have a 5 minute sudden death overtime period. The first team to score wins the game. If a tie remains during the playoffs, sudden death will be taken to determine a winner.

5). Scoring A goal will be awarded only when the ball is completely over the goal line. A goal will not be awarded if a player is in the goalie box when shooting or if a player is obstructing the goalie. A player (other than the goalie) or a player’s stick may never be in the goalie box. This includes the follow through of a shot or any movements by a defensive player. A goal may not be scored on an intentional kick.

*Everything is direct.

6). Ball Traps The ball may be hit (OR CAUGHT), or blocked with an open hand down to the floor. The ball cannot be advanced with the hands. The body can be used to block the ball to

the ground.

7). Goalie Goal keepers can hold the ball in the box only. The goalie may throw the ball after a save or when the opposing team hits the ball over the end line.  When throwing the ball the goalie must keep at least one foot in the goalie box. The ball must be thrown underhand (not sidearm), or kicked and remain below waist level through its flight.


8). Minor Fouls – 1 min.

            a) High Sticking Stick used above the waist in any situation during play.

            b) Hand Pass Ball passed with hands (intentional or not) or directing the ball.

            c) “Crease” Violation Players may not enter the opposing team’s goalie box at anytime.

            e) Grounded Stick Field players may not lay their sticks on the ground to prevent a goal, or to block an inbound pass, (the goalie may do this legally).

9). The MINOR PENALTY Defensive
minor penalties in the attacking zone will be a penalty taken from the penalty mark (X). A goal may be scored directly from the penalty “X” spot. Offensive minor penalties in the attacking zone will be given to the goalie. When the ball is taken from X all defensive players must be outside of the free throw lane and opposite the shooter.


11). Major Fouls – 2 min.

            a) Slashing Any intentional contact of another player with a stick will result in a foul.

            b) Roughing Unnecessary roughness, checking, elbowing, etc.

            c) Throwing Stick Intentionally throwing stick at the ball or player.

            d) Delay of Game Hitting the ball away after the whistle.

            e) Charging Taking more than 3 steps before contact with another player.

            f) Checking from Behind Any contact from behind.

            g) Goalie Box Dangerous interference with goalie in/near the goalie box.

12). Major Penalty

            a) A second infraction will result in a an ejection from the game.

            b) An ejected player will cause his or her team to lose the game if he/she does not leave the facility within 2 minutes of the ejection.

            c) An ejected player will be automatically suspended from the next scheduled game.

13). Unsportsman-like Conduct Unsportsman-like conduct will not be tolerated. Players will be ejected from a game for deliberate roughness or unsportsman-like conduct, and will automatically be suspended from the next game (regular season or playoff game). See Captain’s Packet for details on sportsmanship.

14). Ejected Player
If a player is ejected and there is no qualified replacement (I.E. a female replacement for a female) the team will play short for the game. It will not become a forfeit.

15). Equipment Players are encouraged to wear safety equipment providing protection for the eyes, knees, and shins. Goal keepers are suggested to wear eye protection. Keepers are allowed to use a baseball glove while in the net. Goal keepers can wear knee pads and shin guards provided they are not larger than the body part they cover. The goal keeper can use his/her own stick (wood is allowed).

MSSC reserves the right to update/change/add rules at anytime during any part of the season for player safety and permit compliance.