1. All teams must have at least 5 people on their roster.
  2. All teams must play at least 4 players, one being a female. If both teams have 5 players, all 5 can play. If a team only has 3 players or no girl, they will skip a turn.
  3. After 15 minutes of starting time games will start or be forfeited, unless Liam is contacted 1 week in advance. Only players on rosters are eligible to play during the regular
  4. season & playoffs.
  5. Each week there will be 5games played:
    2—501 & 2—Cricket.
    Closet to the cork calls the 5th game.
  6. Be aware that if you have players that play on multiple teams in the same league (same division) come playoffs you must choose which team you want to play for. If that team loses you may not play for the other team.


  1. Highest seed plays lowest seed through playoffs. Best of 5:
    2—Cricket, 2—501 with games alternating.
    Closest to cork calls the last game.
  2. Any ties in standings at the end of the regular season you go bye head to head meetings. More than 2 teams tied or no head to head meeting go by the strength of schedule.