Our Policies

Alcohol at Game Sites Policy

Alcohol is strictly prohibited from all Manayunk Sport and Social Club sporting events. If any team, any player or any fans of an M.S.S.C. team are caught with alcohol, you will be asked to leave the field and possibly ejected from the league or subsequent games. While, M.S.S.C. encourages a relaxing and fun experience, as per all city permits and for the safety of all players and staff there is no alcohol permitted at any of our game locations.


No refund will be issued for any requests made on or after the league schedule is posted for your registered sport (no matter what the circumstances.) This policy also includes anyone injured and unable to play during or prior to the original start date.

If an issue is requested and approved prior to a season's start, it will be in the form in which you paid and typically processed within 5-7 business days (cash payments will be refunded by personal check.)



Manayunk Sport and Social welcomes teams that have corporate or office sponsors. Our entire league is sponsored by The Bayou Bar & Grill, so we do ask that you refrain from having another bar as your sponsor.

If you cannot participate in the league without a sponsorship of a bar, we ask that you do not name your team after that bar.

We are a non-profit organization, that is able to run great banquets and get players free drinks after games solely by the sponsorship of The Bayou Bar & Grill. In order to honor this sponsorship, we ask that teams abide by this policy.

Schedule Policies

When schedules are posted online they are final. Each team gets the opportunity, prior to the schedule being made, to hand in a specific conflict request. (Please keep in mind, as stated at all sports meetings: any holidays or special days must be included in these conflicts, i.e. Religious Holidays, Father's Day, etc.) The day before a holiday and the day after a holiday are not holidays. Our permits run in accordance with City requests. We cannot move, change, swap, or alter your schedule in any way upon the request of teams.

Your schedule will only change if a permit changes, weather conditions, if Manayunk Sport and Social is at fault, or unforeseen circumstances arise and Manayunk Sport and Social deems altering the schedule necessary. At this time, we try to contact all teams or captains, however it is advisable and the responsibility of yourself to maintain your correct schedule as posted online. Games will not be made-up because a team was unaware of their posted schedule and the forfeit fees will apply.

Conflict dates will not be taken into account during any type of make-up game or when scheduling playoffs. Furthermore, playoff games will not be moved for any reason, unless weather or Manayunk Sport and Social deems it necessary.

Schedule Policies - Reschedules/Make-up Games

When schedules are posted online they are final. Typically, reschedules will be made up toward the end of the season (week 5-7) and will be posted a week or two following the actual cancellation. When they are posted, it will be announced to all teams and posted on our social media sites.

As stated at each sports meeting before the season begins, reschedules will be played during open permit times. If we experience excessive rain/snow/make-ups in a season, your team's reschedules may be made up on a day you are not typically scheduled to play. MSSC will do their best to keep your league on available days, but unfortunately we cannot control the weather or the length of time we can use seasonal permits.

Open Roster Policy

if you purchased a full team, you have an unlimited number of players on your roster. Once you have purchased a team with Manayunk Sport and Social for a season, you may add/remove/alter your roster at any point throughout the season. You may add players and subs to the check-in sheets at the fields/courts/rinks. For a player to be on your official roster (office version) you need to at some point in the regular season email info@manayunksportandsocial.com your updates. When adding a player, you must email their full name, email, and phone number.

Individual teams or those that registered a full team as individuals, you are welcome to use subs at any point throughout the regular season, however players must pay the $48 league fee to be added to your official roster.

Forfeits Policy

When your team is in jeopardy of forfeit, utilize the open roster policy (stated above.) You may get as many and whatever subs necessary to fill your team for a game.

In the case of forfeit, you may inform the league if you have enough notice, it is not guaranteed the message will get to us in time, depending on day/time of game and M.S.S.C. office hours. If you do get through or leave a message, it is still a forfeit and there is still a fee, but we appreciate the notice.

Forfeit Fees: Your team’s ref/ump fees + your opponent’s fees for that game due at your next game. (fees according to sport, every sport owes a forfeit fee.)

After 2 forfeits, you are asked to leave the league and cannot make the playoffs.

Softball, 5on5 Basketball, Men’s Football, Roller Hockey teams: $40
Coed Football, Frisbee and Floor Hockey teams: $30
Volleyball and Soccer: $20
Kickball, Dodgeball, Bocce do not have ref fees, but forfeit fee for kickball is $26: $13 for forfeiting team and $13 for their opponent and Dodgeball’s forfeit fee is $22 for outdoor dodgeball and $20 for indoor, and Bocce $10, $5 for each team's ref fees 

Roster Policies

In order to complete a team registration in our league, you must have a completed roster handed in to info@manayunksportandsocial.com. Your team will not be sent to scheduling until the roster is completed and returned. You will receive the roster with your league welcome letter, after your payment is processed.

This roster is NOT your field check-in sheet. Also, any players added to your field check-in are NOT official until their name, email, and phone number are sent to info@manayunksportandsocial.com.

For a player to attend your league banquet they MUST be on the office’s official roster. If a player has played every single game, thus far, but was not added to the M.S.S.C. official roster that player must pay $15 to attend the league banquet, no exceptions.

Field Policies

All players present at each game must sign-in at the game site on the official Manayunk Sport and Social check-in, under your team’s sheet, held by the M.S.S.C. representative.

Any player injured/involved in conflict on our field permit-time or during a Manayunk Sport and Social event, should see an M.S.S.C. representative immediately, with their captain, and complete an incident report to be filed with M.S.S.C. office.

In game time, judgment calls cannot be protested. If you object to a ruling on the field by an M.S.S.C. official, you must address your concern with the official or M.S.S.C. representative at the field, later feel free to contact the office and lodge a formal testimonial.

Playoff Policies

In order for a player to be eligible for playoffs they must have played in at least 2 games AND be on your official roster (office version.) In order for a player to be added to your official roster an email is sent by a team member to info@manayunksportandsocial.com with the new players name, email, and phone number during the regular season. As in professional sports, the league will not challenge the eligibilty of playoff players - it is up to teams to protest and/or ask for a check on a players eligibility. If it is determined that a team used illegal players, the game is forfeited in favor of opposing team.

Playoff seeding procedures are determined by regular season standings. Typically, (depending on league size,) the bottom 2 seeded teams will not make the playoffs. In case of a head-to-head tie, given the teams in question have played each other in regular season, the winner of said game is the higher seed. In case of a head-to-head tie, when teams have not played each other, OR a standings tie between 3 or more teams, the seeds are determined by team’s strength of schedules.

Conflict dates or new conflicts will not be taken into account during any type of  playoff games. Furthermore, playoff games will not be moved for any reason, unless Manayunk Sport and Social deems it necessary.

**Manayunk Sport and Social Club reserves the right to change all policies and sports rules at any time on account of player safety, facility/permit guidelines, or to contribute to the overall betterment of the league.**