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The Manayunk Sport & Social Club in Philadelphia organizes events from co-ed football leagues to coed dart leagues. Many leagues in and around the Philadelphia area are high-level competitive sports leagues that omit most individuals who are not as highly skilled. Although MSSC has leagues that offer outlets for competitive individuals, our concentration is on the individual who is looking for a enjoyable relaxed experience.



Manayunk Sport & Social Club is designed to offer an outlet for both entertainment and sport in the city of Philadelphia. It allows members to engage in extracurricular activities while develop professional and social relationships with new people. It is founded on our fundamental theory that life isn't just all work; there is time for play.

The MSSC offers you the ability to register for Philadelphia's most popular coed sports and social events as a team or as an individual. We have an unparalleled membership service and member benefits, a wide variety of team sports and activities and that are all located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our coed leagues have expanded and are bigger than ever. The fun you will have at our parties and social events are unmeasurable and unforgettable. Contact us if you're interested in joining the biggest and best coed league in Philly or if you would like more information. Manayunk Sport & Social prides itself on being accessible to everyone in the Philadelphia area. The membership is free- absolutely free,although we have the lowest team and individual fees that entitle you to play a sport and receive special offers such: your scheduled games, a complimentary beverage at our sponsor bar, and a 2 hour banquet for your team! At every game, there will be an activities coordinator ensuring that everything goes as planned. We also realize how busy your life is and that is why we offer accommodated scheduling for all of our sports.

Social Events!

You have finally found the club you have been looking for! Manayunk Sport & Social Club provides you with numerous opportunities to meet other individuals with similar interests and have a great time in the process. Philadelphia's Manayunk Sport & Social Club is not only about sports, it's about social too! MSSC is a great connection for Philadelphia area singles. If you're looking to expand your social circle in the Philadelphia area, or looking to get connected with old friends and new, why not go with Philadelphia's largest coed adult sport & social club? Our members are always looking to meet new people and have a great time! We know it’s hard to manage a career and a social life, so let us do the planning for you. Make Manayunk Sport & Social Club your source for getting involved and having fun. That way all you have to do is show up & have a great time! Our past trips have included Camden Yards, Preakness, Atlantic City, Fed Ex Field to watch The Eagles play The Redskins, and now we’re going skiing! We have social events all year round so check with us for more information.

The Manayunk sport and social club is a Philadelphia sport and social club that specializes in coed adult sports leagues in the Philly area. Our coed sports, in the Philadelphia region include Manayunk, Roxborough, South Philly, North Philly, West Philly, East Philly. Sports leagues in Philly, Philadelphia sport and social leagues such as Manayunk sport and social philly are fun sport leagues in philly and the philly area. Sports inclued coed football, coed softball, single gender basketball, coed dodgeball, coed kickball, coed floor hockey, single gender roller and floor hockey, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and boxing and all sports philly people love to play in these leagues.

There is no better place to stay active this spring than in the Philadelphia's Manayunk Sport and Social Club indoor and outdoor leagues. With more than a dozen indoor sports and activities there is simply something for everyone. Grab some friends and co-workers and sign up for our spring leagues today. Check out the events page for a complete list of our social and charity events. We are Philadelphia's largest organizer of coed recreational Sports leagues and really fun Social events.

It's recess time for adults in Philadelphia! That's what the Philadelphia's Manayunk Sport and Social Club leagues are - just like recess. Sign up today for the most fun you've ever had staying fit. We've got every level of adult recreational sports leagues and they're almost all coed giving you the perfect opportunity to play the field or get to second base.

If you live in philly, Philadelphia's Manayunk sport and social club is the best and  #1 source for coed adult sports in and around the philadelpia area. Playing coed sports in philly can be a blast with our coed softball, coed football, coed volleyball and 15 other coed philly sport favorites.  So come play philly coed sports with the philadelphia Manayunk Sport and Social Club.