Sport Banquets


 The MSSC sport banquets are for all members of our club. This is a VIP party for you and your teammates to enjoy with the competition. This 3 hour party is a TWO hour open bar with top shelf flavored vodka, well drinks, draft beer and a buffet for teams and guests, with an ADDITIONAL hour of drink specials! Members are $5 and to bring guests for only $10 each person to enjoy the benefits of being a member. Friday Banquets are 9pm to 12am & Sat Banquets are from 8pm till 11pm.       


Aug 26 8PM-12AM – Spring Championship Banquet

Sept 29 9PM-12AM – Meet & Greet

Sept 30 8PM-11PM – Meet & Greet



Remember the MSSC banquets are a great time to party with your teammates & other members of the MSSC. Banquets are a 3 hour affair that include 2 hour open bar, buffet & 1 hour of drink specials after the open bar for only $5 for members & $10 for their guests (which you can bring as many as you want). Below are the dates. Pick 2 dates & we will try to give you your 1st choice. This is a first come first serve basis. Email Tony Casselli at


***Captain’s: If you have made any additions to your original roster please make sure you send any updates to If we do not have your new players information before the banquet they will not be able to attend the banquet as a member***